Kuberg Freerider 14 kW Customer Review

Kuberg Freerider 14 kW Customer Review

 We already know how good the Kuberg bikes are. But we also know that you need to try them first before you fall in love with them! In this blog post we bring you a closer look and first impression of the 14kW KUBERG FREERIDER by mxengineer1. He is a mountain bike and dirt bike enthusiast who shares his 30+ years experiences of riding all kind of fun mobility products on his YouTube channel. Now he also added the Kuberg bike on his list. Watch and read more about the Kuberg Freerider below.

"The Bike is INSANE!!!"

Yes, it is! As he says: it's mostly because of the ration between the weight and the power of the bike. An 18HP engine may not sound really impressive, but it feels absolutely incredible in this super lightweight machine at only 80lbs. ,"It feels really fast and I mean full size motorcycle fast", he said.

Because of the weight it's super easy to carry it around and to operate the bike. The handling is really quick and feels really smooth on the trails. Totally different riding experience with a bike you can easily put in the back of your car.

The engine is 100% electric which provides a massive torque. The acceleration is super quick and it's also really quiet. You don't have be worried about neighbors or police coming after you while riding in the forest.

There are 3 power modes which provides the best riding experience for every one. As beginner you can start slowly on the first power mode and on the other hand, the PROs or the experienced riders can easily turn the third power mode on and enjoy the full speed.

According to mxengineer1 this is a completely new segment of dirt biking. Kuberg motorcycles cross the gap between traditional dirt bikes and mountain bikes creating an incredible, new and unique experience.

In a nutshell the Kuberg Freerider is:

  • Super Fast
  • Powerfull (18HP)
  • Lightweight (only 80lbs)
  • Quick Accelerating
  • Easy to operate
  • Super Quiet
  • has 3 power modes