A one of a kind riding experience.

The young rider bike, sharpened and clarified.


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The Challenger is unlike anything else I’ve ever ridden.
It is such a quality motorcycle and riding it was just crazy fun.
It went through the all the obstacles with ease and performed way better than I could’ve imagined.

Neil Berry, ElecTrick Blitz

The first time riding it, I was completely blown away about how fast it was. I was not ready for it! It ’s pretty dope.

Bryce Tryon, Pro MX Rider

I personally would use the Ranger all day everyday! With the drop seat function, the sky is the limit. I would take it to town, to work, on the trails, on the track, on the ramps, everywhere. You can cruise it, rip it, flip it, send it, all without waking up the neighbors!

Justin Hill, Pro MX Rider