Kuberg Ranger 14kW Customer Review

Kuberg Ranger 14kW Customer Review

Meet Alex Kowtun, @successful! Alex is a digital media and branding expert, influencer, writer, pilot, CoFounder of Monkey in Paradise Vodka and now also a proud and happy rider of 14kW Kuberg Ranger Downhill Scooter.
Alex is an adrenalin enthusiast with a crush on electric toys such as scooter, seg ways, e-bikes, etc. Now he added an electric dirt bike to his collection and he prepared this amazing video review. Let's check it out!

It's a perfect hybrid!

Kuberg Ranger offers you a perfect combination of a dirt bike, scooter and electric mountain bike. ,,One of my favourite feature is the reclining seat. With only one button you can adjust height of the seat which gives you extreme flexibility while riding."

Ton of fun On- and Off-road

The bike is perfectly capable of handling both on- and off-road. Thanks the off-road you can easily climb steep hills and also enjoy challenging downhills. ,,My favourite part was riding down the stairs. The suspension can handle each step individually perfectly. And it's lots of fun!" 

Decent Range

Kuberg Range has some pretty decent range! You can ride up to 40 miles while pushing the bike to it's absolute limit.

Completely silent

,,The bike is fully electric, so the noise doesn't really bother anyone." Ride in your neighbourhood, in the woods or in the streets without ever disturbing anyone. ,,The "electric" sound is also very cool. It reminds me a fighter jet!"